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About Us

Our company established itself in 1995 when the owner of Lola Jewellers identified an unserviced niche in southern Ontario; high-quality jewellery at an affordable price point. Our team now travels the world with the sole purpose of finding ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones at fiercely negotiated wholesale costs. We strive to provide the best possible prices so value can be felt across our whole product line by our entire customer base.

By picking the rarest gemstones from across the globe we’re able to offer our customers exquisite jewellery at the most competitive prices. We strive endlessly to fulfill our promise of offering fine jewellery to the widest range of style and budget preferences.

We are also proud that our customers regularly recommend Lola Jewellers to their closest family and friends. Over time, we feel like we have grown into one of the finest retail jewellers in Canada (if we may say so ourselves!). We value our reputation above all, and have dedicated ourselves to this craft for over almost three decades now. We proudly affirm our mission to the jewellery community - and broader community as a whole - by the growth and evolution of our online business.

Why Choose Us

Our passion is to help you find affordable jewelry based on your taste


We feature charms, rings, bracelets, chains and pearls from a diverse selection of styles and brands. We aim to be the one-stop shop for anyone of any age! We are constantly restocking and discovering new suppliers so keep checking in with us for new products and never hesitate to contact us about a specific item!

Canada-Wide Delivery

With our core market residing in the Canada, we provide multiple Canada-wide shipping options. We also ship internationally but on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for international shipping requests and if we can, we will!


We tirelessly negotiate costs with our suppliers with the sole aim of passing those savings onto you - the customer. We never embed frivolous marketing costs or unnecessary administration fees into our prices and we hope you will notice! Retail has never been more exciting we're just as excited to pass on these savings!

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